Abraham, Daniel N

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Address: 536 South High Street, Columbus, OH 43215
Lawyer Firm: Colley Shroyer Abraham
Phone: 614-678-5072
Fax: 614-228-7122
Website: http://www.colleyshroyerabraham.com

Areas of Practice Products Liability Law, Personal Injury Law, Medical Malpractice, Employer Intentional Torts

Verdicts and Settlements

$22,000,000 Settlement. Local counsel in a Class action settlement against a manufacturing company for personal injuries and property damage sustained by surrounding neighborhood residents due to plant explosion, and air and ground pollution.$1,300,000 Settlement. Class Action settlement against hospital for suddenly closing its doors without properly compensating employees. Successful recovery of wages, fringe benefits, health insurance premiums and reimbursement for covered medical services.$1,000,000 Jury Trial. Product liability handgun case tried to jury. As the jury completed its deliberation, the case settled for a confidential amount. Young man sustained a severed sciatic nerve. The gun discharged after the clip was removed and while clearing the chamber. The firearm was defective in its design and warnings.$1,000,000 plus in Settlements. The partners have collectively settled over 800 client cases involving exposure and resulting injuries from asbestos. Attorney Abraham argued before the Ohio Supreme Court seeking a change in the law so that it would be more favorable toward victims of asbestos exposure related injuries. Attorney Abraham has also settled additional individual asbestos cases involving cancer and other lung diseases.$950,000 Settlement. Premises liability case against seller of house, gas company, and plumbing repair company where gas leak resulted in house fire killing mother and two young children. Policy limits were limited and disputed liability.$950,000 Settlement. Middle aged lady attending meeting at hospital slipped and fell while exiting restroom. Two days later she developed blood clot in her leg that resulted in her death. Liability disputed.$750,000 Settlement. Young girl nearly drowned in a pond resulting in learning disability. A premises liability allegation of failure to provide adequate life guards and design of premises was defective. Disputed liability.$650,000 Settlement. Elderly lady sustained broken ankle with some permanency of limitation in movement when her vehicle was struck head on by oncoming vehicle.$500,000 Jury Verdict. Low speed rear-end collision truck accident. Plaintiff suffered injury to spine and doctors testified he needed disc fusion. $5000.00 in medical bills considered by the jury. Proximate cause disputed.$450,000 Settlement. Product liability case involving an elderly man who suffered from diabetes and had an ankle replacement. While recovering, one of the metal crutches he was using collapsed due to a defective adjustment pin causing him to fall and re-injure the ankle with permanent partial loss of use.$360,000 Settlement. Handicapped lady was personally assaulted in her apartment that lacked adequate security. Permanent psychological injures.$250,000 Settlement. Product liability muzzleloader gun case where the nipple that holds the firing cap exploded from the rear of the riffle when fired causing loss of vision in shooters eye. Disputed liability.$225,000 Settlement. Trip and fall down basement stairs of rented property. Middle aged lady sustained injury to her elbow when she fell down the stairs due to a lose step. Liability disputed.$155,000 Settlement. Patron of hotel was climbing exterior steps to his room when he fell due to height variations in steps. He sustained a leg injury that substantially healed. Liability disputed.$60,000 Settlement. Product liability crossbow case where the limb of the crossbow delaminated during firing causing injury to shooters eye. Disputed liability.

Class Action Cases In Litigation:

William James, et al. v. Paul Herrell, et al.Employment class action case, class certified and settlement obtained, currently pending final distribution of settlement proceedsVicki Grant, et al v. Becton Dickinson & Co., et al. Product liability class action case, class certification obtained, reversed on appeal; now pending re-hearing before trial courtRoberta Booth, et al. v. Georgia-Pacific Corporation, et al.Environmental class action case, class certified and settlement obtained, currently implementing community liaison program and medical examination programIn Re: Diet Drugs Products Liability LitigationSingle plaintiff in nationwide class action case involving the drugs Phentermine, Fenfluramine and Dexfenfluramin, case pending settlement agreementIn Re: Silicone Gel Breast Implants Products Liability Litigation Multiple plaintiffs in a nationwide product liability class action case involving breast implants, final resolution pending

Reported Cases:

Horton v. Harwick Chem. Corp., 73 Ohio St. 3d 679 (1995)Case clarifying the application of the theory of alternative liability rejecting the frequency-proximity” test in asbestos [product liability] cases in OhioPriscilla Goodin v. Columbia Gas of Ohio, et al., 93 Ohio St. 3d 1434 (2001) Review of Ohio employer liability for intentional tortsDaniel N. Abrahamvisit superlawyers.com

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