Abrams, Robert

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Address: 700 17th St. Suite 650, Denver, CO 80202
Lawyer Firm: Abrams & Associates, LLC
Phone: (303) 500-5795
Fax: (303) 333-0708
Website: https://www.abramslaw.net

Areas of Practice Administrative Law, Business & Commercial Law, Contracts, Business Organizations, Construction Law, Litigation & Appeals, Real Estate Law, Land Use & Zoning, Divorce, Family Law, Custody & Visitation, Child Support

Robert Abrams is an attorney and trial lawyer specializing in Contract Law. His Emphasis Is Construction, Construction Defect, Breach Of Contract, Lease Issues, Real Estate And Land Development Matters.

Mr. Abrams’ focus in law is construction disputes, partnership disputes (LLC, general and limited partnerships), construction defect, contractor/subcontractor issues, contractor/homeowner disputes, product warranty, general breach of contract, UCC contract sales, CCPA and other contract related matters involving terms or breach.

What sets Mr. Abrams apart from other lawyers specializing in contract and construction matters is his 25 years of business experience in construction, contracting and land development. Mr. Abrams guides, advises, drafts and prepares his clients by offering competent legal representation in contractual matters.

As a fifteen year durable surfaces subcontractor, contractor and real estate developer, Mr. Abrams has an intimate working knowledge of contract, general construction, construction defect and general construction matters. He has negotiated scores of contracts and sub-contracts with general contractors, tradesmen and other service and product vendors. Moreover, he has developed a profound understanding of the construction industry in general and construction contracts in particular. His knowledge and experience provides enormous benefit to his law clients.

As a land developer building single and multi-family homes, Mr. Abrams brings extensive real estate development experience to his clients. This includes land acquisition, design, architecture, engineering, soils, surveys, financing, marketing, development and sales. During each phase, extensive contract and construction terms are negotiated.

As a twenty year veteran Denver businessman, Mr. Abrams has developed broad expertise in the rights and obligations of the contracting parties; and, the required performance and duties contained therein. He professes the foundation of contract lies with the obligations of the contracting parties and the responsibilities to each other prior to the agreement’s formation. This legal foundation provides the meaningful framework for drafting contractual terms and documents. Proper advance legal advice protects the interests of each party, which makes the contract terms more enforceable.

Expert preventative preparation provides the greatest protection in the event of a dispute. It foresees the obligations of the parties and the consequences to each in the event of breach. Proper legal assistance in contract preparation makes the issues more clear should litigation ensue.

As a trial lawyer, Mr. Abrams limits his practice to all types of contract and construction related matters. In the event of litigation, Mr. Abrams combines his years of contract experience and his substantive knowledge of contract law, on his clients’ behalf. He successfully negotiates his clients’ position to avert litigation.

Mr. Abrams is a rare combination of attorney, litigator, negotiator, businessman and developer. With his experience and background in construction, construction defect, contracting, contractor relations, building and contract law, he provides clients with unparalleled representation.


Over $1 million in settlements in 2014.

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