Black, Clifton L

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Address: 2 N. Cascade Ave. 11th Floor, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Lawyer Firm: Black & Graham
Phone: 719-328-1616
Fax: 719-630-8495

Areas of Practice Criminal Defense

Clifton ("Cliff") Black is an attorney / lawyer in Colorado Springs, Colorado that has dedicated his career to assisting individuals that have been charged with criminal offenses. Cliff represents clients that have been charged with offenses that include driving while intoxicated (DUI /DWAI), domestic violence, theft, drug charges, burglary, assault, dangerous animals, fraud, forgery, identity theft, marijuana, prescription fraud, traffic citations, other types of criminal charges, violations of law, and restraining orders.

He opened up his own solo law firm in 2000 focusing on debt collection law and various civil issues. Within a short time he discovered his passion while representing a family friend in a DUI case. Since that case, he transferred into criminal defense and has never regretted that decision.

This attorney garners the respect of the Judges, Court Personnel, Deputy District Attorneys, Public Defenders, Fellow Attorneys / Lawyers, and most importantly, his clients. He does this by working vigorous and diligently on every case. While many attorneys are willing to negotiate a "plea deal" with the prosecutor at the court house, through E-mail or on the phone, Cliff is willing to schedule meetings and discuss the cases in great detail. He goes to meetings with the DAs on a regular basis, is fully prepared to discuss the facts, strengths, weaknesses of the case, and provide character information on his clients.

Whether clients are charged with a DUI, domestic violence, theft, or even a traffic tickets, clients quickly realize the Mr. Black understands and appreciates the seriousness of the case and represents the clients zealously. Although no attorney can guarantee any results, Cliff gets many cases dismissed, and very favorable resolutions on most other cases. Understanding that finances are often an issue, Mr. Black has always offered free consults to the defendants and offers payment plans so that confident legal services are affordable to the client.

Black & Graham has been steadily increasing the number of clients it represents each year. As such, Black and Graham has hired additional attorneys throughout the years. Although Mr. Black is unable to handle every client that is in need of representation, he heads up the criminal defense side for the firm. The attorneys that work for Black & Graham are all well versed in the law, confident to take on any criminal defense case, knowledgeable in the law, and well grounded in legal procedures. The attorneys meet on a regular basis and discuss pending cases. This is a huge benefit to the clients as the clients basically have a law firm looking out for their best interests. The attorneys are able to discuss the cases, possible defenses, legal issues, and facts of the case.

Cliff’s Involvement in Medical Marijuana

Whether a person is for or against medical marijuana, if a person is facing criminal charges, that person needs to have an attorney that has the ability to take a legally complex area of the law and obtain a thorough understanding of that complex area of the law.

In 2009 Cliff was contacted by a client that was interested in becoming a caregiver in the medical marijuana industry. At that time there were not any attorneys familiar with the legalities of medical marijuana . While most attorneys were unwilling to educate themselves on the legalities, Cliff was willing to review the Constitution regarding medical marijuana and the other legalities involved.

Also in 2009, various State and City officials that where attempting to shut down the industry. Cliff and other medical marijuana industry people spent countless hours in front of Colorado Springs City Council debating with opponents on whether to allow the medical marijuana industry to remain open. As the laws continued to emerged and change, Cliff continued to stay abreast of the law. As a result, Cliff is considered the legal expert in Colorado Springs for medical marijuana. He was asked by the City Council of Colorado Springs to sit on a task force and write ordinances for the City. Clifton Black, Attorney Charles Houghton, and president of the CSMCC, Tanya Garduno sat in Cliff’s conference room many evenings and weekends and wrote the first draft of the proposed Colorado Springs ordinances on medical marijuana. Although those proposed ordinances where not ultimately adopted, he worked with the City Attorney’s office, City Clerk, City Planning and other officials to create ordinances that where adopted by the City Council.

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