Boyle, Anthony

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Address: 20 S. Clark, Chicago, IL 60603
Lawyer Firm: DIESEL LAW, LTD.
Phone: 708-552-3536
Fax: 708-747-4510

Areas of Practice Criminal Defense, Secretary of State Hearing for Drivers License Reinstatement, Traffic Violations

Early in his legal career, Anthony Boyle, the Owner and Principal Attorney of Diesel Law, Ltd., began representing people in all types of felony and misdemeanor criminal cases. In a short period of time, it became very apparent to Assistant State’s Attorneys and other criminal defense attorneys in the Chicagoland area that Anthony is an extremely dangerous and skilled litigator. It did not take long for him to build a name and reputation for himself.

Most of his professional excellence began before Anthony ever stepped foot into a courtroom. While in law school, he was actively involved with his school’s law review and moot court program. He was also on the Dean’s List nearly every semester. But aside for high academic achievement, Anthony gained a great deal of practical experience as an intern with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and as an assistant clerk for a federal judge. By the end of law school, he received several scholarships, wrote and edited several notes for his school’s legal journal publication, and eventually, went on to graduate cum laude.

Almost immediately after his admission to practice law in Illinois, Anthony opened shop and started his criminal defense practice. The first criminal case he took on was a felony drug case, where Anthony’s client was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance. In this case, even though the officer’s report stated that the defendant gave the officer permission to search his vehicle, considering all circumstances, Anthony refused to believe this story. In response, he filed a Motion to Quash & Suppress Evidence. And after a highly contentious hearing at the Criminal Court Building at 26th and California, in front of the Honorable Judge Brosnahan, Anthony’s motion was granted and the Assistant State’s Attorney, without evidence to proceed on, was forced to dismiss the case.

Anthony’s first case, resulting in this victory, set the stage for many more to come. Although quite personable and friendly, Anthony turns ice cold when litigating. From the very beginning, he proved to be aggressive, shrewd, and possessing of an innate ability to thoroughly and effectively examine witnesses at a hearing or trial. He takes control of the courtroom and particularly enjoys when there is an audience in the gallery. His composed yet rapier style of examination and argument is particularly effective. In fact, Anthony’s ability in court was so memorable that he was recognized and approached by another well-established and highly-respected criminal defense firm, who then invited Anthony to share office space with them and be an integral part of their firm. Anthony accepted the offer and now has an entire team of other highly-experienced, well-known criminal defense attorneys that he works with on a daily basis.

But he also knows that a strong presentation in court is not the only necessary component to be a successful litigator. Anthony believes that a criminal defense attorney’s writing ability is equally crucial. Throughout his career, he has found that many attorneys are not only ineffective and unpersuasive writers, but some completely lack the ability to articulate themselves with any semblance of clarity. Anthony, on the other hand, has a natural affinity for writing and understands that a concise, well-drafted, and well-researched motion or brief can mean the difference between a case that is won and a case that is lost. And while the law school he attended has one of the top legal writing programs in the nation, Anthony’s training began much earlier than that. In undergrad, he was selected as one out of hundreds of students to present a thesis he wrote on the link between education and crime. Anthony also has a creative side and wrote fiction for most of his life. Being an avid reader and fan of literature and film, he has written several feature length movie scripts, a hobby that he enjoys immensely. His accolades certainly speak for themselves, but most importantly, he has found that some cases have been won solely because his pleadings were superior to his opponent’s. Anthony uses this insight to his advantage and will only present pleadings to a court that are undoubtedly stellar.

​Above all, though, Anthony has one concern: getting favorable results for his clients. While a specific result or victory cannot be guaranteed in any given case, Anthony does guarantee that his clients will receive aggressive and competent representation throughout every stage in their case. And there is no single way that favorable results are obtained. In some cases, the result is achieved by taking the matter to trial. Sometimes, it makes more sense to speak with the prosecution or opposing counsel and negotiate a deal when the outcome would have a menial effect on the client’s future and interests, while at the same time, greatly benefit the client. The facts of each case are different and the best approach to take is generally contingent on that unique set of facts. When discussing these matters with a client, Anthony will explore every option, explain the benefits and pitfalls of any particular course of action, and then inform his client of the best course of action. He has excellent judgment and his clients are confident in his approach.

In addition, Anthony is always there for his clients. He provides every client his cell phone number and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Otherwise, in the event Anthony was unavailable, any of his trusted and experienced colleagues would be more than happy to discuss his client’s legal issue with them. He works alongside a team of other experienced, reliable, and competent attorneys that always look out for one another.

If you need legal representation, please do not hesitate to contact Diesel Law, Ltd. at 708-747-4500 and set up a time to sit down with Anthony for a free consultation.

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