Brown, Stan Derwin Esq.

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Address: 1300 Caraway Court Suite 101, Largo, MD 20774
Lawyer Firm: Stan Derwin Brown Law Office, LLC
Phone: (301) 883-8888
Fax: 301 883-8606

Areas of Practice Premises Liability-Inadequate Security Litigation; Crime Victim Compensation Lawsuits; including negligence lawsuits for tenants against landlords concerning home invasions, homicides/wrongful death, rape or sexual assaults, robberies, carjackings or assault & battery at rental apartment buildings, condominium buildings, nightclubs, shopping centers, office buildings, parking lots, etc., Premises Liability-Inadequate Security Cases, Monetary Recovery for Crime Victims, Monetary Recovery for Sexual Assault (Rape) Victims, Negligent Security Cases, Premises Security Liability Cases, Real Estate, Land Use & Zoning Law, Wrongful Death Claims, Video Voyeurism, peeping tom, invasion of privacy civil cases

Representative Cases:

Steven Franco d/b/a Seat Market, LLC, & Si Qiang Chen, et al. v. City of Seat Pleasant & Mayor Eugene Grant (filed November 2017, case no. CAL-17-31330 pending); I represent the Plaintiffs. The Defendants enacted a municipal ordinance that increased the fiscal year 2018 real property taxes by 800% for five business properties within the municipality. The property owners are religious (Jewish) and racial (Chinese) minorities. The municipal ordinance violates the City Charter, the County Code, and the State & Federal due process, equal protection, bill of attainder, civil rights and "special assessment tax" laws. A Summary Judgment motion is pending for declaratory judgment and attorney’s fees.

Wilson, et al., v. Colonial Village Apartments, et al. (July 2015); I represented the Plaintiffs. Plaintiff Jane Doe was killed in her first floor apartment by gunshots, in front of her two minor children, during a home invasion by three masked men. Jane Doe attempted to escape the home invasion through the bedroom windows, but the windows were enclosed by steel bars in violation of fire and housing codes. On the date of the homicide the security guards assigned to the apartment complex failed to show up for work, the closed-circuit television cameras in the stairwell & parking lots were inoperable. Two months before trial, during two days of private mediation, I negotiated a $3,000,000.00 settlement award for the estate and for the Plaintiff’s surviving minor children.

John Doe v. Liquor Licensee, Go-Go Club Operator, Property Manager & Property Owner/Landlord (September 2014);I represented the Plaintiff. Plaintiff-John Doe was assaulted inside a "go-go" nightclub. Bouncers forced the Plaintiff and the perpetrators out of the go-go club and into the parking lot. The go-go club did not have any security personnel stationed in the parking lot. The Plaintiff was assaulted by a gang of club patrons while he was walking to his car, which was parked in the club parking lot. Plaintiff suffered a closed head injury, a broken spine, and remained in a vegetative state for four months after the incident. Plaintiff’s injuries necessitated the amputation of his right leg. The Plaintiff received a $5,000,000.00 settlement seven days before trial;

Jane Doe, a minor v Kenneth Flanagan & House of KAS Collection, Inc. (2012); I represented the Plaintiff in this negligent hiring, negligent retention and negligent supervision case. The Plaintiff- Jane Doe was a summer volunteer at the defendant corporation’s retail clothing store at National Harbor when she was sexually assaulted on four occasions by the 54-year old employee. The 54-year old employee defendant plead guilty in criminal court to a 4th degree sex offense against a minor. The 13-year old Plaintiff was awarded a $500,000.00 judgment against both defendants in civil court.

Oldcastle Windows, Inc. v. Gaylord National, LLC, (September 2008); I represented the plaintiffs in this $4,500,000.00 mechanic’s lien lawsuit concerning the construction of the atrium on the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center at National Harbor;

Nathaniel Williams, et al. v. Metropolitan Money Store, et al., (2007 to 2009); I represented 33 plaintiffs in the largest foreclosure rescue scam in Maryland history. The plaintiffs regained the right to re-purchase the title to their homes and settled with a title company defendant for $575,000.00;

Estate of Lakita Tolson & Lisa Saunders v. The Culture Club (2008); I represented the plaintiffs. Ms. Lakita Tolson was a customer at a teenage dance hall and Ms. Lisa Saunders was a parent of another teenager. A fight ensued within the dance hall, poorly trained security guards used pepper spray to control the crowd. Ms. Tolson was killed by a single gunshot as the over-capacity crowd rushed to the dimly lit parking lot. Ms. Saunders was shot in the leg as she tried to shield her daughter from the fracas. The plaintiffs received a $950,000.00 settlement;

Elisa Hill v. WMATA, EEOC Charge No. 570-2007-00025 (2007); I represented Mrs. Hill, a 17-year WMATA employee, on her claim of racial & gender discrimination based on Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s failure to select plaintiff for promotion to Manager of Joint Development position within WMATA’s Office of Property development & Management. WMATA instead selected a less qualified white candidate. WMATA and Mrs. Hill settled the case for approximately $300,000.00;

Estate of K. Morse v. Shell Oil Company & local gas station owner (2005); I represented the plaintiff / victim. While the victim was a customer at a local gas station he was fatally shot during a robbery. The jury awarded $1,000,000.00 to the deceased victim’s daughter and an additional $1,000,000.00 to the victim’s parents;

Revere National Advertising, Inc. v. Prince George’s County, MD., 819 F. Supp. 1336 (D. Md. 1993) ; I represented the plaintiff (the 10th largest billboard company in the U.S.) in a First Amendment case that invalidated the County’s fifty year law that regulated the construction and development of billboards in the County;

Coalition of P.G. County Civic Association v. Washington Redskins, Inc., Pro Football, Inc. & P.G. County Council (1996) ; I represented the plaintiffs (a coalition of 90,000 county residents) in a construction, land-use and legislative policy case that challenged the constitutionality of state and county laws that were amended to allow the construction of the Redskins Stadium in an African American residential neighborhood (although the stadium was built, this case changed the County’s construction & zoning laws concerning large scale developments);

Redd v. U.S. Dept. of Treasury, Bureau of Engraving & Printing, Sept. 2001, EEOC Case No. 100-A0-8121-X ; I represented the plaintiffs in this racial discrimination, disparate impact & disparate treatment case, which was certified as class action for 600 African-American employees whom were allegedly subjected to random drug tests for four years while similarly situated Caucasian employees were not subjected to such drug tests;

Elizabeth Hewlett, et al. V. Bloomingdale’s Department Stores & Premier Salons, Inc., 185 F.R.D. 211 (D. Md. 1997) ; I represented the plaintiffs in a case that was certified as a national class action in federal court that invalidated department store hair salon policies that excluded African American customers;

P.G. Sheriff Alonzo Black v. State of Md., Prince George’s County, Md. & Southern Management Properties, Inc. (1999) ; I represented the County Sheriff in complex litigation concerning state and county funding for the Office of the Sheriff’s duties related to evictions at rental garden apartments and District Court Security;

Martens, et al. V. Smith Barney, Inc. et al. (1999) ; I was appointed as a mediator and "Attorney Panel Member" pursuant to a Consolidated Stipulation of Settlement to represent claimants in the Dispute Resolution Process of this national class action gender discrimination suit, filed in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York;

Corman Construction Company, Inc. v. Potomac View Associates, LLP (1998) ; I represented the plaintiff concerning Petition to Enforce mechanics liens related to $2,000,000.00 contract;

B.P. Industrial Ltd. Partnership & T.D. Burgess v. Penn Belt Industrial Condominium Association (1997) ; I represented the defendant against condominium owner’s claims for adverse possession and prescriptive easements;

Department of Housing & Urban Development v. Chesapeake Village Apartments, Inc. (1995) ;I represented H.U.D. in $6,000,000.00 foreclosure sale against creditors;

J-Tech Corporation v. Beltsville Construction, Inc. (1990) ; I represented the plaintiff for claims against contractor’s performance bonds;

Asbestos Claimants v. MCIC & E.L. Stebbing, Inc. (1990-1997) ; I represented the defendants in hundreds of personal injury cases and trials on claims for asbestosis in the District of Columbia and Maryland;

Jane Doe v. U.S. Army (1999); Jane Doe v. Centech Inc. (1999); Jane Doe v. Andrews Office Supply, Inc. (1997); Jane Doe v. Pulsar Data Systems, Inc. (1998) ; I successfully prosecuted six figure sexual harassment civil claims against the above-named defendants and others;

Eichie v. Free Gospel Church of the Deliverance, et al. (1999) ; I represented the defendant in this jury trial defense of latent construction claims; and

Crime Victim Compensation Lawsuits: I represent tenants in lawsuits against business owners, property managers, landlords and security guard companies whenever tenants or their invitees become crime victims while on commercial property due to inadequate security or negligent security.

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