Corey, Pamela E. Esq.

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Address: 28 Winterbottom Lane, Pound Ridge, NY 10576
Lawyer Firm: Pamela Corey, P.C.
Phone: 917-472-9884
Fax: 914-462-3222

Areas of Practice Alternative Dispute Resolution, Trust & Estate Administration and Litigation, Business/Contract Dispute
Description WINNING – an expensive solution.

Litigation is expensive, time-consuming, inefficient and unpredictable. Litigation is a poor tool for resolving disputes, and is stressful and counterproductive to business as usual. Even petty cases have a way of damaging relationships, tarnishing reputations and eating up enormous sums of money, time and talent. Litigation and trial are rarely in your long-term interest.

Litigation focuses on what happened in the past, and seeks to adjudicate the merits of those historical events before a neutral third-party. Unfortunately, our NY Courts are ill-designed and budgeted to accommodate our increasingly conflict-prone business environment. Indeed, several NY courts have introduced pilot programs mandating early mediation of matters to ensure that only the most hardened positions are litigated before them.

98% of all litigations settle before trial. Why wait – time is money?

Studies show that long-term litigation offers no financial advantage over early resolution. The longer a litigation lasts, the lower the litigant’s return on investment of time and money. Why not skip the time and expense of litigation and consider a more favorable if not optimal approach?

New Paradigm = Creative Dispute Resolution

Creative Dispute Resolution offers wide array of advantages. A good settlement negotiation obtain optimal acceptable terms that have the opportunity to place you and your their business in a better, more satisfying position than before the conflict emerged. Creative dispute resolution offers my clients timely resolution of their conflicts BEFORE acrimony hardens their and their adversaries’ positions and offers a significantly greater likelihood of achieving a mutually-satisfying outcome at a lower cost.

Benefit from my decades of experience as a sophisticated litigator

My 31 years as a litigator, which include years of study and experience mediating and settling large complex litigations totaling over $1.5 billion, offer my clients problem-solving negotiation techniques in an advocacy context, including:

Forensic analysis and people skills to discovery hidden common interestsDeep legal experience in business, contract and estate law Sophisticated big-picture analysis coupled with detail-oriented approach Energy and a thoughtful approach that ensures that all reasonable opportunities for settlement are explored.

My Value-Added Proposition:

Help facilitating discussion and resolutionAssist my clients to redefine the goals and articulate the broader business interestsProvide creative problem-solving techniques lead to better solutionsIntuitive understanding of people and strategyOffer empathy and natural compassion that brings parties together to craft mutually-satisfying solutions based on common interestsProven track record of resolving conflicts, often with as little as a letter and phone call campaignProcess Flexibility – if negotiation fails, next level resolution tools of arbitration and mediation are always available in lieu of court-based litigation.


You are in the business of "business as usual" Don’t let litigation of conflicts sidetrack you from your mission. Let me provide your roadmap to resolution.

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