Evans, Tim

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Address: 115 West Second #202, Fort Worth, TX 76102
Lawyer Firm: Evans, Daniel, Moore, Evans, Biggs and Decker
Phone: 817-717-4091
Fax: 817 332-2763
Website: https://www.egdmlaw.com

Areas of Practice Criminal Law, White Collar Crime, Health Care Fraud, Bank Fraud, Government Contract Fraud, Murder, Trials, State and Federal Courts

TIM EVANS brings over 30 years of criminal law practice to his clients in Fort Worth, throughout the state of Texas, and across the nation. He has been Certified as a Criminal Law Specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1977. He is prominently listed in:

He has been featured in several articles including:

* The Texas Lawyer, a publication of American Lawyer Media, highlighted him as one of the four New Racehorses in Texas criminal defense.* The Fort Worth Star-Telegram featured him in two separate profiles covering his practice and significant cases.* The Champion, the magazine of the National Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, selected him for a Champion Profile.

He has been selected as:

* The President of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (1990-1991)* Member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (1990-1996)* The Outstanding Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year by the State Bar of Texas (1987)* The Chairman of the Criminal Justice Section of the State Bar of Texas (1991-1992)

Mr. Evans represents the accused in a wide array of serious and complex cases before state and federal courts. Some examples of his experience include:


Murder and Capital Murder

Mr. Evans represented, pro bono, Norman Allison, a British citizen accused of conspiracy to murder federal agents in the Waco-Branch Davidian case. He was acquitted by the jury of all charges.

He defended Kristi Koslow, accused of the capital murder of her step-mother, a prominent Fort Worth socialite. Ms. Koslow was given a life sentence. (Her co-defendant received the death penalty and has been executed.)

Criminal Antitrust

Mr. Evans represented the C.E.O. of Mrs. Baird’s Bakery, then the largest family owned bread company in the United States. The company and its C.E.O., were indicted and tried for criminal antitrust violations. Mr. Evans’ client was acquitted by the jury.

Bank Fraud and Mail Fraud

Mr. Evans represented a number of individuals investigated as a result of the Department of Justice Bank Fraud Task Force prosecutions during the Savings and Loan Scandal of the early 90’s. Six of Mr. Evans’ cases related to that investigation were jury trials. His clients were three lawyers, one of whom was on the board of directors of a savings and loan; two officers of real estate development companies; and the president of a real estate title company. Five of the six trials resulted in not guilty verdicts.

Government Contract/Defense Contract Fraud

Because the Fort Worth-Dallas Metroplex is home to many companies, such as General Dynamics, Lockheed and Bell Helicopter, who contract with the United States Department of Defense and other governmental agencies, there are frequent investigations into alleged contract fraud. Mr. Evans has represented many people caught up in these investigations, two of whom have gone to jury trial, both were acquitted. Civil Rights and Mail Fraud

A Texas district judge asked Mr. Evans to defend him at trial against federal accusations of civil rights violations and related mail fraud. The judge was acquitted.

Mail Fraud, Tax Evasion, Money Laundering, and Criminal Forfeitures

When the government decided to throw the book at the owners of the country’s largest inland marina, Mr. Evans was asked to represent one of the owners at trial on multiple charges of federal law violations. His client was convicted on all counts. (Nobody wins them all.)


Obstruction of Justice, Regulatory and Accounting Matters

Mr. Evans currently (2002) represents two of the Arthur Andersen accountants in the numerous federal and state investigations of the Enron/Andersen matter.

Contract Fraud

A chief financial officer and an engineering consultant at General Dynamics/Lockheed retained Mr. Evans to represent them in two separate investigations into suspected fraudulent parts pricing and international travel expense fraud.

Criminal Environmental Violations

The Chief Executive Officer of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport hired Mr. Evans to assist him during a year long environmental investigation conducted by the FBI and state and local environmental law officials.

Health Care Several medical doctors and other health care providers have engaged Mr. Evans’ services during investigations of their practices.


It is often in the client’s best interest to avoid a trial and take advantage of a plea bargain. The prosecutor’s respect for the trial skills of the defense lawyer are an important factor in reaching a reasonable agreement.

Conspiracy to Murder

Mr. Evans assisted the National President of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club in securing a five year penitentiary sentence thus assuring that no other member received a higher sentence in a lengthy multi-defendant trial in which they were all convicted.

Telecommunications Fraud

After a lengthy and complicated federal grand jury investigation, a long distance telephone company was allowed to pay a multi-million dollar fine for defrauding Southwestern Bell. The officers of the company received probation.

Aggravated Sexual Assault

After two days of trial, a west Texas rancher, accused of molesting a minor, plead to a lesser offense that did not involve sexual misconduct or offender registration.

Health Care Fraud

A medical doctor accused of kickbacks in the national investigation of Columbia Health Care, Inc., received a prosecutorial diversion and avoided conviction. NOTE: Every case is different because each case has its own facts. No lawyer can honestly guarantee the outcome of a particular case. Given the unchangeable facts, the lawyer’s judgment, skill and tactics supported by hard work and dedication are the keys to a successful outcome.


Mr. Evans is asked to lecture to criminal defense lawyers across the nation and throughout the state of Texas. He has been a Course Director of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Trial Advocacy Institute each year, since 1996. He was asked to testify before Congress by the congressional committee investigating the Branch Davidian tragedy. A few of his many presentations are:

For the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

* Defending the Fringe, Puerto Rico, 1998* Course Director, The Sword and Shield of Evidence, Lake Tahoe, Nev., 1995* Attacking Your Attackers, Houston, TX, 1995* The 15 Minute Voir Dire, New Orleans, LA, 1991

For the Law Education Institute

* Exposing the Expert, Vail, CO, 2001* Cross Examining the Informant, Vail, CO 1995


* The Defenseless Case, Key West, FL

For the Virginia State Bar, Annual Meeting

* Featured luncheon speaker, Defending Against the Power of Government, 1997

For the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

* Super Star Seminar, Winning Some Battles in the War on Crime, 1996

For the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

* Opening Statement, New Orleans, LA 1995

For the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

* Course Director, Advanced Federal Law Seminar, 2001, 2002* Triage for the Presumption of Innocence and Reasonable Doubt, 1999* Lawyers as Targets, 1998* Enforcing Brady, Giglio and Kyles, 1997* Mail Fraud, Advanced Federal Law Seminar, 1997* Proving Your Case Through Cross-Examination, 1996

For the State Bar of Texas, Advanced Criminal Law Course

* High Visibility Cases, 2000* Jury Selection, 1997


* Born: Fort Worth, Texas 1943* Bar Admissions: Texas, 1970; All Texas Federal Districts; U.S. Court of Appeals, 5th Cir.; U.S. Supreme Court* Education: Texas Tech University, BA, 1967* Texas Tech School of Law, JD, 1969* Assistant District Attorney, Tarrant County, 1970-1976* Wife, Rita; sons Lance and Chad; granddaughters, Sarah and Grace

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