Gresek, Dean C.

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Address: 247 Main Street, Toms River, NJ 08753
Lawyer Firm: Willis & Gresek Counsellors at Law
Phone: 732-930-2052
Fax: 732-557-0114

Areas of Practice Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury & Social Security, Real Estate & Contracts & Misc., Family Law, Business Law, Municipal Court, Criminal, Sports & Entertainment Law, Real Estate (Residential & Commercial), Wills and Trusts, Landlord/Tenant, Small Claims Court, Business/Corporate, Contract and Labor Negotiations, Juvenile Delinquency, Parole/Probation

Dean highly values his legal education and continues to attend seminars to improve his knowledge on specific areas of law. Below is a list of seminars he has recently attended.

Cyber Harassment/Stalking & Domestic Violence Trials – February 22, 2018

1. History of Cyber Stalking Statute 2. Cyber Stalking as a Predicate Act 3. The Acquisition of Evidence of Cyber Stalking 4. Trial Preparation for Final Hearings with Electronic Evidence 5. Admission of Evidence 6. Defending allegations of Cyber Stalking

QDRO’s & The Division of Retirement Plans – October 10, 2017

1. Bridging the Gap 2. Recent changes in family law 3. Family assist program

Labor/Employment Law Seminar – September 27, 2017

1. Whistleblower update 2. Unemployment Benefits 3. Challenge to the Validity of Regulation

Arrest, Search & Seizure Spring Review – April 3, 2017

Municipal Court Spring Review – April 3, 2017

27th Annual Worker’s Compensation Bench Bar Conference – December 16, 2016

1. How to Diagnose, Treat and Exclude Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 2. The Rules of Engagement 3. Medicare Conditional Payments/Medicare Set Aside 4. Current Legislation Affecting Worker’s Compensation Matters

How to Maximize the Value of your Economic Damage Expert – September 22, 2016

1. Calculating Economic Damages 2. Common Methodologies and Mistakes 3. Utilizing an Economic Expert 4. Metrics to Use to Evaluate an Opposing Expert’s Report 5. Effective Direct and Cross-Examination Techniques

Criminal Practice Seminar – Bail Reform- Early Resolution – June 8, 2016

1. Overview of Criminal Justice Reform 2. Bail Reform 3. Speedy Trial Provisions 4. Central Judicial Processing 5. Pre-Indictment Court 6. Pre-Indictment Court – Prosecutor’s Perspective

May 18, 2016

The Equal Rights Amendment

How to Start Your Own Entertainment Law Practice

Introduce Motion Practice and Techniques

Domestic Violence Seminar – March 23, 2016

1. Court’s perspective of Domestic Violence Trials 2. Calling children to testify in Domestic Violence Trials 3. Domestic Violence Statute and Recent Amendments 4. Domestic Violence Case Law and Recent Decisions 5. Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Orders and Procedure in Domestic Violence Hearings

Expedited Civil Actions Pilot Program – Training – December 10, 2015Ethics & Professionalism Seminar – October 14, 2015

1. Professionalism 2. Attorney Ethics in Pop Culture 3. Uncivil Litigation 4. Top Legal Issues in Social Media 5. Internet Use of Marketing

Elder Law Seminar – Planning for Clients with Children Who Have Disabilities – May 11, 2015

1. Outline of a Definition of a disability and overview of Federal and State programs 2. Planning for Clients with Disabled Children

Fifth Annual Worker’s Compensation Seminar – May 1, 2015 1. Complex Order Calculations 2. Learned Treatises and Other Medical Proofs 3. Avoiding Legal Malpractice

Family Law Seminar – New Alimony Law – December 15, 2014 1. Changes in Alimony Created by New Statute 2. Retirement Issues 3. Motion for Modification & Change of Circumstances 4. Disability

Fourth Annual Worker’s Compensation Seminar – May 1, 2014 1. Second Injury Fund – Expert Advice in Handling Fund Cases 2. Temporary Disability Issues Since Cunningham (386 NJ Super 423) 3. Ethical Issues in Fair Dealing with Court and Other Parties

Alternative Dispute Resolution Seminar –  March 20, 2014 1. Discussion of “Willingboro” and its Application to Family & Civil 2. Safety in the Mediation Room 3. New Ethics Opinions Regarding Mediators and Mandatory Disclosure Statement

Municipal Court Seminar: The Art of Resolving a DWI Case – February 24, 2014 1. The Process of Identifying the Result 2. The Art of Trying a DWI Case 3. The Art of Resolving a DWI Case

Top Worker’s Compensation Questions – Answered – December 12, 2013 1. Employee’s injured outside the employer’s principal place of business 2. Latest developments in stress and depression claims 3. Types of claims that can be caused by a third party 4. How does subrogation work in relation to third party claims 5. Are secondary injury funds still a viable option

Third Annual Worker’s Compensation Seminar – May 5, 2013 1. Uninsured Employer’s Fund 2. Motion for Medical & Temporary Trial Procedures 3. Ethics Hypotheticals

New Jersey DWI Blood Cases following Missouri vs. McNeely – April 30, 20131. United States Supreme Court in Missouri vs. McNeely will fundamentally change the way New Jersey drunk-driving cases involving blood evidence will be prosecuted and defended in municipal court.

Worker’s Compensation Seminar – February 25, 2013 1. Acquired Psychiatric Disorders 2. Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation Center 3. Smart Act 4. Medical Provider Applications

Advanced DWI – February 2, 2013

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