Kline, John K.

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Address: 483 Little Lake Drive Suite 200, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Lawyer Firm: Kline Legal Group P.L.C.
Phone: 734-249-6100
Fax: 734-302-7222
Website: https://www.michiganautoaccident.com

Areas of Practice Auto Accident Law, Family Law (Divorce, Custody, Child & Spousal Support), Business Valuation Cases, Wrongful Death, Motor Vehicle Negligence, Personal Injury – Plaintiff, Dog Bites – Plaintiff, Construction Lien Litigation, Real Estate Litigation, Probate Litigation

My law practice focuses on serious auto accident and complicated divorce/custody cases. I am accustomed to dealing with difficult persons (insurance adjusters, former spouses & opposing attorneys). Confronting these “difficult persons” from a position of strength generated through my experience, reputation, preparation, and gritty determination has proven to be a successful strategy. I have an exceptional record of winning cases for my clients based upon an individualized litigation plan for each client designed to bring about the intended result.I focus on helping clients present the best organized and most persuasive case to the Judge or Jury. In my 20 years of practicing, I have often heard Judges say how frustrated they are with cases that turn into "he said" / "she said" arguments where the "truth" is not readily apparent. The goal of Kline Legal Group, PLC is to quickly get to the “heart of the case” by uncovering as much evidence as possible, organizing that evidence, and honing it down to make a complete and credible presentation for the Judge or Jury so the correct result becomes abundantly clear to the decision maker. The entire staff at Kline Legal Group knows that the "details matter" and being the best prepared attorney & client often wins the case.The cases that I take to Court often involve very strong emotional content. I am sensitive to the stress that my clients are under and use my best efforts to calmly confront the issues so that my client’s stressors are quickly and efficiently diminished. I strongly believe that alternative dispute resolutions like mediation are great tools and often help to settle cases; however, I also strongly believe there are some individuals and corporations that are incapable of being reasonable and are only interested in bullying people so they get "their way." These types of "bully situations" require a law firm that is ready, willing, and experienced in taking the case to the Judge or Jury. Opposing attorneys and Judges know that I have a wealth of trial experience and that I present a well-organized and powerful case at trial and in the appellate courts. Oftentimes this base of trial experience and reputation is a great tool for bringing about quick and positive resolutions without having to actually go to trial.

I have strong relationships with a diverse group of experts who I rely upon as expert witnesses and consultants for mediation and trial purposes. I have a group of accountants that I utilize for business valuations and wage-loss calculations. I also have several private investigators, vocational rehab experts, and other experts that I have used successfully at trial. I am married to a University of Michigan trained physician and often consult her on child health and education issues as well as injury analysis and rehabilitation options. I also know, and have used, multiple physician experts that provide convincing expert testimony regarding a victim’s injuries.

Additionally, I have also successfully appealed several cases to the Michigan Court of Appeals. Most recently, I took a business valuation / spousal support case to the Court of Appeals. The Court deemed the issues presented in this case as adding important legal findings to Michigan case-law and accordingly, elected to publish this opinion (only a select few appellate case are published). See Loutts v. Loutts, 298 Mich App 21, 2012.

I graduated from Wayne State University Law School and went to Kalamazoo College for my undergraduate degree. After law school, I have taken a 48 hour class for becoming a certified mediator and have participated in mediations and arbitrations throughout Michigan. I have also earned the Institute of Continuing Legal Education’s Family Law Certificate. Additionally, I have been admitted in all State of Michigan Courts, U.S. Federal District and 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. I have litigated cases in the Detroit U.S. Bankruptcy Courts contesting debt discharges for drunk drivers who have caused injury accidents. I also have experience in legal research and writing for a legal brief submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court. In 2009 and 2014, I was voted by other Michigan lawyers as a Michigan "Super Lawyer."

I currently serve in the following community volunteer roles: Trustee and Secretary for the Ann Arbor First United Methodist Church, President and Board Member for the Kenyan Urithi Educational Fund, President of an Ann Arbor Home Owner’s Association, and Mission and Youth Counselor for Methodist Youth Fellowship.

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