McCarty, Jennifer Leigh

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Address: 2950 Breckenridge Lane Suite 13, Louisville, KY 40220
Lawyer Firm: McCarty Legal
Phone: 502-785-8699

Areas of Practice Employment Law

I am a trial lawyer dedicated to helping people from all walks of life protect their rights. I take on employers who have harassed employees or discriminated against them because of their race, sex, ethnicity, color, national origin, age, disability or what the employer believes to be a disability. I represent people who were treated badly by employers simply because they reported discrimination/harassment or because they helped someone who made a similar report. It’s my privilege to represent people who have been wrongfully terminated simply because they refused to follow an order from their employer that violated the law, or because their employer was interfering with their rights in violation of the law. I also represent people who just need someone to review an employment contract when they are taking a new job or getting a promotion, or to review a severance agreement when they are being terminated or offered early retirement. You worked hard for your position, pay and benefits (vacation, stock, health insurance, etc.), and I’ll work just as hard to protect them. I focus primarily on protecting applicants and employees in every aspect of the employment relationship. I will negotiate employment hiring contracts, compensation agreements, severance agreements and noncompetition agreements. This would also include filing any lawsuits necessary to protect my clients’ rights. I also handle all aspects of cases challenging discrimination, retaliation, wrongful discharge, worker’s compensation retaliation and harassment, among other civil rights cases. Examples of the services I would provide here include representing clients in negotiations, mediations, EEOC charges and lawsuits.

And I handle all types of cases in which employers cheat employees of their rightful pay:

Employers’ failures to pay minimum wageEmployers’ failures to pay overtime for employees entitled to overtimeEmployers’ failures to pay wages dueEmployers’ tampering with time records to cheat employees of the wages they have earned Other ways of cheating employees of pay or benefits

In addition, I will handle other types of civil litigation, on a case-by-case basis. I represent both individuals and groups of people affected by the same problem, and I have negotiated many settlements over the years. You will want a seasoned trial lawyer handling your negotiations right from the start so that you are fully protected if it is the case that you end up in litigation. You will also want an attorney undaunted by the people trampling your rights. In this regard, I have taken the depositions of television personalities, CEOs, company owners and other executives who oftentimes act like the law doesn’t apply to them. Other than negotiating a settlement, the cross examination of witnesses, both at trial and at deposition, is my favorite part of practicing law. Going to trial is often the last resort, but I will not hesitate to do so when necessary.

The attorneys here have a great reputation among employment defense lawyers in Kentucky and the region. We have worked hard to earn and protect our reputation, so we know what’s at stake when your employer tries to take your good name from you. Feel free to call me to discuss our firm’s specific experience handling cases involving issues such as yours.

Kentucky has been my home for my entire life, and it is where I was educated, where I raise my son and where I intend to stay. Having received an excellent education and degrees from both the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville has ensured my ability to see both sides of any issue. Representing the hardworking citizens of this Commonwealth is my privilege. I am licensed to practice law in Kentucky state and federal courts. If a case involves people or issues in other states, we’ll travel or retain local counsel to ensure we are on a level playing field. No matter what you decide, I want to make sure you find counsel with whom you are happy. Please call me so that we can discuss whether I can be of assistance to you.

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