Mez, Jay Warner

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Address: 226 South 6th Street, Council Bluffs, IA 51501
Lawyer Firm: Jay W. Mez Law Office
Phone: 800-250-7210
Fax: 712-328-6855

Areas of Practice Criminal Law, Divorce/Dissolution Of Marriage, Custody/Child Support, Business Law, Contract Disputes, Personal Injury, Interstate Traffic Stops, Federal Criminal Law, Debt Resolution/ Credit Card Settlements, Wills, Trusts And Estate Planning

Choosing the right Lawyer for the type of case you need legal representation for can be a very difficult task. There are multiple decisions and considerations you will have to make in choosing the right attorney. I will provide potential clients a free initial consultation to offer sound advice that represents their best interests. A free consultation can be either in person or by telephone. The initial consultation will consist of me answering your questions and providing you with my advice as to the appropriate route to proceed with your case.

My practice has been primarily focused on criminal defense and dealing with all offense levels, from a simple citation to class A felonies. I have trial experience in cases all the way from shoplifting to first degree murder. I will aggressively represent you and insure the best possible outcome for you. I can be reached day or night to help you with your concerns. I have represented clients in cases such as OWI, drug possession/delivery, domestic abuse, fraud, burglary, theft, sex crimes and other violent crimes.

I frequently practice in every county in Southwest Iowa and Eastern Nebraska. I am licensed to practice in county court, district court, and federal court in both Iowa and Nebraska. Located just off of I80 and I29. I have represented many clients that have been stopped on these interstates. Often, law enforcement illegally searches and/or seizes your automobile. You have constitutional rights that protect you from law these types of searches and seizures. I am very knowledgeable on the latest case law and statutory law and will ensure that law enforcement does not violate these rights.

I can help defend you if you are charged with any crime and can help you litigate your civil matters. I am available in the evenings and on the weekends. If circumstances warrant, I can make jail visits and home visits to meet with you. In addition, my clients have access to my personal cellular phone outside of my business hours for emergencies. If you are charged with a crime I will defend your constitutional rights to the best of my ability. I will negotiate the best offer for you. In the event the offer is not acceptable, I have plenty of experience to defend you at trial by Judge or Jury.

In addition, I have extensively represented clients in divorce and/or custody disputes. Divorce can be a traumatic event in anyone’s life, especially if children are involved. I work my hardest for the best outcome for my client but always take into consideration the best interests of the child(ren). I have also regularly went to trial when a resolution cannot be reached that my client agrees with.

I believe that when choosing an attorney it is extremely important to know that they have actual trial experience. Unfortunately, many attorneys have never commenced and/or concluded a trial. The trial process consists of many deadlines and it’s important to know that your attorney has had trial practice and is knowledgeable about these various deadlines.

I can assure you that I do have extensive trial experience. I have represented clients in criminal matters as simple as a bench trial on a citation all the way to jury trials with clients that have been indicted for murder. In addition, I have proceeded to trial on many civil cases as simple as small claims and as complex as divorce/custody cases. Knowing that an attorney has trial experience and is not intimidated to proceed to trial can be a tremendous advantage.

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