Murray-Nolan, Gwyneth K.

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Address: 629 Parsippany Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054
Lawyer Firm: Weiner Law Group LLP
Phone: 866-899-1138
Fax: 973-403-0010

Areas of Practice Litigation, Insurance Defense, Family Law, Commercial Real Estate
Description Civil Litigation

Ms. Murray-Nolan specializes in a multitude of areas of litigation. In particular, Ms. Murray-Nolan has spent her career advocating for clients in a variety of civil matters, commercial litigation/insurance defense, products liability, premises liability, construction, trucking, auto and consumer fraud litigation. She has extensive trial experience in a wide variety of jurisdictions and has tried cases up to $8 million in value and settled cases up to $25 million in value. Ms. Murray-Nolan also has significant experience with excess insurance claims and catastrophic injury claims, including spinal cord and brain injuries. Ms. Murray-Nolan will aggressively work with a seasoned panel of experts in accident reconstruction, biomechanics, human factors, and various medical fields to obtain the appropriate value of the case and work towards a resolution that best suits the client. Ms. Murray-Nolan will assertively handle the matter through completion, whether through mediation, settlement, or trial.

Commercial Real Estate

Ms. Murray-Nolan has extensive experience in the sales and purchases of commercial real estate. As a former 13-year resident of Hudson County, Ms. Murray-Nolan became actively involved in the purchases and sales of a multitude of bars and restaurants in Jersey City, Hoboken and Union City. With her litigation background, if an issue arises, Ms. Murray-Nolan can resolve the issue without the need for additional counsel. Ms. Murray-Nolan handles the drafting of Purchase Agreements, Promissory Notes related to loans, Lease Agreements, Bulk Sales Documents, Letters of Intent to Purchase, Membership Pledge and Escrow Agreements, Bill of Sale Documents, Guaranty Security Agreements, Assignment of Membership Interests, UCC Financing Statements, and Division of Taxation documents for ABC transfers and/or liquor license sales.

Family Law

Ms. Murray-Nolan specializes in all areas of divorce and post judgment, including child support, child custody and parenting time, alimony, equitable distribution, and domestic violence actions. Divorce can be a frightening and emotionally challenging period in an individual’s life. Getting a divorce is an important decision. A divorce is the legal end to your marriage. During your initial consultation, Ms. Murray-Nolan will assess your situation and advise you of the best legal decision for you to protect your assets and secure your future. Ms. Murray-Nolan also has experience representing clients in matters concerning the Division of Child Protection and Permanency ("DCPP" formerly known as "DYFS").

Ms. Murray-Nolan will act as your advocate in front of the court and advise you on laws involving children, support, and asset division. Ms. Murray-Nolan will be your advocate and negotiate an agreement that is in your best interest. If an agreement cannot be reached, Ms. Murray-Nolan can then represent you in court and mediation.

Ms. Murray-Nolan will also act as a Mediator between you and your spouse, as well as your spouse’s attorney, to get you what you want. Ms. Murray-Nolan can help the parties reach an agreement, without further escalating the trauma between family members.

In case of domestic violence, you need to contact a lawyer immediately. Ms. Murray-Nolan has been handling domestic violence cases for 15 years. You should have a lawyer to represent you in court if you are charged with Domestic Violence or if you are seeking a Domestic Violence Restraining Order against your spouse/domestic partner/boyfriend or girlfriend. Domestic violence affects all members of the family. Please consult Ms. Murray-Nolan if you need to inquire about orders of protection and other available resources.

Child support, custody and visitation/parenting time are all descriptive terms for the schedule of time that parents spend with their children after separating and/or divorcing. Ms. Murray-Nolan will help you to understand custody laws, parenting time, and child support guidelines. You are entitled to have your child/ren supported. As a parent, you are entitled to time spend time with your child/ren. Ms. Murray-Nolan will help you to understand all available options.

Alimony is a measure of support to which some parties are entitled, depending on the facts and circumstances of their marriage. Ms. Murray-Nolan can help you to know when alimony will be paid, how much alimony will be paid, and how to determine what is the best decision to protect you and your financial future.

Post-judgment modifications occur after divorce when there is a change of circumstance, such as a significant change in income or the residential move of a custodial parent. Alimony laws recently changed. Ms. Murray-Nolan can help you to petition the court to get what you want.

Ms. Murray-Nolan is an experienced divorce lawyer who knows how to protect her clients. Call today for an initial consultation to learn how to safeguard your financial and emotional future. Ms. Murray-Nolan aggressively asserts her clients’ rights to efficiently satisfy her clients’ needs throughout litigation, mediation, or trial. Divorce can be a complicated process in which there are multiple documents to file with the court and at least one court appearance before a judge. Ms. Murray-Nolan will guide you through this experience and give you information regarding your children, support, and asset division. Ms. Murray-Nolan will advise you of your rights, and help you through the progression of your case with an understanding of your objectives.

Litigation Percentage

• 80% of Practice Devoted to Litigation

• 20% of Practice Devoted to Drafting Documentation

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