Neitzke, Eric K. Esq.

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Address: 123 Live Oak Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Lawyer Firm: Eric K. Neitzke P.A.
Phone: 386-323-1900

Areas of Practice Criminal Defense, Custody & Visitation, Divorce, Drug Violations, Sex Offenses

Daytona Beach Attorney Eric K. Neitzke has aggressively represented clients for more than 30 years in criminal matters throughout Florida. He defends those accused of sex related offenses as well as other crimes and has has extensive experience dealing with complex family law matters.

Sometimes, in a stressful divorce, one person might accuse another of sexual abuse or of sexual abuse of a child to gain leverage. Such accusations are serious and must be addressed immediately – even if no arrests have been made. Being accused can be very damaging your reputation and may cause you to lose your job. If the accuser calls the police during an argument, the officer might have enough information to take you into immediate custody until an investigation is complete. An experienced criminal defense lawyer familiar with these specific types of situations can help.

Even if you criminal charges are dropped at a later time or, the long-term damage can be devastating and irreversible. You could lose the right to see your children, participate in their school activities or even parent them at all. The government is obligated to investigate allegations of abuse against children. If you are charged with a sex-related crime, or even accused by another person, take immediate action to protect your rights and contact Eric K. Neitzke.

Eric K. Neitzke can represent you even before you are charged and until your case is decided or dismissed. He will listen to your side of the story and develop a legal strategy to defend you against sex crime charges. Eric K. Neitzke has a reputation of being tough in the courtroom while protecting his clients’ constitutional right to a fair trial.

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