Ryan, Robert

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Address: 402 W. Broadway Ste. 860, San Diego, CA 92101
Lawyer Firm: Robert Ryan Law
Phone: 619-272-6248
Website: https://www.robertryanattorneyatlaw.com

Areas of Practice Sexual Harassment, Insurance Law, Legal Malpractice, Personal Injury

Experienced Lawyer for the Little Guy and Gal

I am attorney Robert Ryan. I have been advocating for the rights of Victims for more than 30 years. Criminal: I began my career as a Senior Prosecuting Attorney in Seattle, Washington. I represented the “People” of the State of Washington in the prosecution of serious felonies. During my six years as a Prosecutor, I tried many cases. I obtained convictions in all of my trials.However, I did not just pursue a conviction simply because charges were filed and the case was handed to me.I screened all of my cases carefully, to make sure that justice was being served by this prosecution.This was especially true in cases where “identification” of the Defendant was at issue. If I concluded that the evidence and the charges were not solid, I recommended that the case be dismissed in the interest of justice.As a Prosecutor, my goal was not Convictions. My goal was always Justice. Civil: I then moved to California, passed my second bar exam, and began representing Defendants in Civil Actions. I worked for insurance companies as an Insurance Defense Attorney. I learned the “Defense side” in the litigation of Civil Actions.In 1995 I returned as an advocate to the Plaintiff’s side of the “v.” I began representing Plaintiffs in Civil Actions. What I Do

I represent People who have been harmed, injured, abused or defrauded, through no fault of their own.My Clients are usually the “Little Guy and Gal.” My opponents, or the Defendants, are typically the persons with the power, control and money. My opponents are usually funded by very large insurance companies and corporations, with teams of attorneys and experts who testify in Court for the Defense. My goal is to “level the playing field,” and to obtain justice and fair compensation for the Plaintiff. I work to resolve my Client’s claim short of litigation. If a fair resolution cannot be obtained, I file a lawsuit and litigate the case.If a fair resolution for my Client still cannot be obtained, I go to trial to get justice. That is why they call the building next to my law office the “Hall of Justice. “ Contingent Fee

I take most of my cases on a Contingent Fee Basis.This allows people with little money to have the “keys to the Courthouse.” If we did not have the Contingent Fee System, tens of thousands of deserving Victims across America would never have a chance to obtain Justice before a Judge and Jury.Only the wealthy would be able to pay an Attorney the $400 to $700 per hour to pursue their case. If I prevail, then my Client is compensated, and I am paid from the recovery.If I don’t prevail, then my Client pays nothing. I absorb all of the expenses, the attorneys’ time and the “sleepless nights” invested in the case… sometimes over 2 to 4 years. Contact Me Today Holding Negligent and Fraudulent Parties Accountable Financially

I am dedicated to holding negligent and fraudulent parties accountable, and pursuing full and fair compensation for the Plaintiffs. My cases include Auto and Truck cases, Wrongful Death, Injury from Defective Products, Catastrophic Injury, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Abuse and Wrongful Termination.I also prosecute Fraud, Wrongful Denial of Insurance Claims (also known as “Insurance Bad Faith”), Legal Malpractice, Medical Malpractice and Police Excessive Force cases. All of these types of cases are referred to as “Tort Actions.” Tort actions are cases where the law imposes a “duty” on a person or company to act reasonably and fairly towards people. When a person or company violates, or “breaches” that duty, the law provides a civil action remedy for the person who was injured or wronged. “Tort actions” are distinguished from “Contract Actions,” where the person’s right to pursue an action for damages is controlled by the language of the contract or agreement that the parties entered into. Damages

The goal in every Tort action is to obtain fair compensation for the Plaintiff.This compensation is called the “Damages.” What is significant is that these Damages are not giving the Plaintiff a “windfall,” as some insurance companies and corporations attempt to argue.Rather, the Plaintiff is simply being restored to his or her original position before the incident, by compensating them with a reasonable and fair judgment. The Damages may consist of both the financial loss… medical bills for treatment, lost wages, future surgery, etc., plus general damages for the loss of their enjoyment of life, emotional distress, inconvenience, pain and suffering, etc. Trial Attorney

I take pride in my work as a Plaintiff’s Trial Attorney. If a fair settlement can be negotiated, I may recommend an acceptance to my Client. I am always happy when my Client can be fairly compensated, so they can “put closure” as best they can on the case, and move forward with their life. However, if it is necessary to take their case to Court and to Trial in order to obtain full compensation and justice, I am prepared to do so.Personal Representation by Me

When you hire me, I will handle your case from beginning to end, and not pass it onto an associate or paralegal.

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