Walker, Roberta

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Address: 2363 Highway 287 N. Suite 202, Mansfield, TX 76063
Lawyer Firm: Roberta Walker, Attorney at Law
Phone: 817-405-0651
Fax: 817-842-2325
Website: http://www.robertawalkerlaw.com

Areas of Practice Criminal, Family Law, Divorce, Child Support, Custody, Adoption

You need an attorney like Ms. Walker…

When someone you love is accused of a crime

All citizens accused of a crime deserve a zealous defense. If you or a loved one is in this position, you need an aggressive criminal trial attorney. Whether or not a trial is in your best interest, you need a criminal attorney to guard your rights and pursue the best possible outcome for your case.

When your child is accused of a crime

Children accused of wrongdoing go to family court and are potentially found "delinquent" rather than "convicted of a crime." However, the actions of the juvenile court can have long-term consequences and challenge the entire family in the short term. The juvenile law attorney you choose will need to understand both the criminal and civil aspects of the juvenile system as well as protect the young client to the fullest extent possible, now and for the future.

To clear your record

With easy internet access to public records, a person’s past brushes with law enforcement are an open book for employers, landlords, police officers, and virtually any person with a computer. You need an attorney who understands the process of expunction of arrest records, petitions for non-disclosure, and sealing juvenile records following any law enforcement contact. First, your criminal case must be resolved with an eye toward clearing your record in the future and then you need an attorney to see the process through, one who will take care of the details.

When your family circumstances change

It is important to choose a diligent and caring family attorney whether the change is a happy one such as adoption or a stressful one such as divorce or a change in custody. In all areas of family law – divorce, child support, custody, adoption, termination, CPS cases or name changes – Ms. Walker will work tirelessly and with sensitivity to protect you and yours.

To care for and protect our elderly family members

In the natural order of things, any of us may be unable to communicate or arrange for our own medical or legal needs. To make sure those arrangements are in line with one’s own beliefs or preferences and that decisions are made by those you trust, consult a trusted attorney sooner rather than later. Ms. Walker is the right person to guide you through the legal maze in any of these situations.

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