Williams, Price S. Jr.

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Address: Park Central 2970 Clairmont Road Suite 575, Atlanta, GA 30329
Lawyer Firm: Price S. Williams, Jr.
Phone: (404) 685-9007
Fax: (404) 892-8560
Website: https://www.atlantabusinesslawyer.com

Areas of Practice Business Law, Choice of Entity and Formation, Organization, Acquisition, Disposition, Governance, Commercial Transactions, Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Probate and Administration, Commercial Real Estate, Purchase, Sale, Exchange, Lease, Develop, Finance

I am a lawyer. I went to Emory University Law School and was a member of its honor society. I started with a medium sized firm and moved to the then largest firm in Atlanta before pursuing the building of our own firm with a few others. After 10 years in the latter role, I left the full time practice and pursued various business opportunities for a number of years before returning again to the full time practice.

I enjoy using the law as a tool to help my clients accomplish their desired goals through defining and establishing objectives, identifying risks, and assigning responsibilities and duties – and not, as is too often the case, as a club, obstruction or hindrance. The law is the framework and glue with which to build a solid foundation for a business or business relationship. It is the also the lubricant with which to give smoothness and certainty to the operations. It is best used prospectively in a positive manner rather than retrospectively to escape or avoid responsibility or overcome the natural results of an ill-conceived plan.

For example:  An agreement well negotiated and well drafted becomes essentially superfluous when completed. It has then achieved its purpose of causing a meeting of the minds and is thereafter used only as a reference for details and a guide for solving the unexpected. The mutual goal was solidified through the forging of the agreement and the achieving of that goal was made smooth as a result.

I believe that most clients have little interest in the esoteric law or in being in the uncomfortable environment of having to deal with its conflicting vagaries and technicalities. They want an answer on which they can act or a recommendation of an alternative method by which they can accomplish their goal if the first choice is not available. It is their objective or problem that is important to them. They want to know HOW TO DO IT, not WHY IT CAN’T BE DONE.

The primary focus of my practice, while in the full time practice of law or in private business, has been the myriad of problems, needs and situations faced by the small to medium sized business in all stages of growth and in all aspects of operations. I have also done extensive work is in the purchase, development and sale or exchange of commercial real property, in handling business and personal tax controversies and in estate planning and administration. Outside the full time practice of law, I have pursued business opportunities, as a founder, principal and executive officer, in real estate syndication, in creating, manufacturing, promoting and distributing new brand name consumer products, in helping to shape the development of natural gas marketing and in providing medical services. In those capacities, I experienced many, if not most, of the problems faced by small to medium sized businesses from financing to regulation compliance to personnel, and even including being a client of outside counsel. Those experiences gave me a unique insight into how the lawyer can best serve the client. Recognize that his problem or opportunity is very important to him and treat it accordingly. Listen to his desires and concerns and help him shape and define his objectives and find a way to accomplish those objectives. Help him understand the risks involved. Give him advice on which to act. And function in a timely manner so he can take of advantage of opportunities when they are available.

Enjoy the process and the results.

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