Zernich, Gary Michael

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Address: 2470 St. Rose Parkway Suite 206, Henderson, NV 89074
Lawyer Firm: Radford J. Smith, Chartered
Phone: 702-583-6867
Fax: 702-990-6456
Website: https://www.radfordsmith.com

Areas of Practice Family Law, Plaintiff’s Personal Injury

I’m from Beaver County, PA, and specifically the town of Aliquippa. Born and raised there. The whole area was blue collar and proud of it. I can also say I am proud to have been raised there, and in those days, I thought Aliquippa was the center of the world. The J&L Steel Mill was pumping out steel and the related businesses, and the giant railway, Conway Railyard, was booming. However, due to meeting the right person, the love of my life and my present wife, Dawn, I moved from western PA so she could pursue her dreams on the stages of Broadway. New York was a giant, crazy and busy city, but it was also a fun place to live. New Yorkers in a sense were much like western PA people, in that they were tough but friendly. It wasn’t hard to strike up a conversation on the subway or in the bar. Either way, Dawn’s career took us from New York to Las Vegas in 1993. What a change. But, we liked Las Vegas enough to stay and make it our hometown.

I grew up with the influence that education was the key to success. My father, his two brothers, my two brothers, and several cousins are doctors. They were all influenced the same way, that education was key, and it all started with my grandparents who were immigrants with little education. My grandparents knew hard work but thought education would lead to a more successful and stable future. As for me, I was not cut out for medicine, and like 3 of my other cousins, I choose law school. But, I first had a career before law school, working in the medical field, wherein I ran a mobile breast cancer screening business before I got married. I was the business manager and my father the licensed physician who oversaw the medical aspect of the business. After getting married, I left the business because I moved from Aliquippa to New York City was my wife was pursuing her career singing and dancing on Broadway. We moved to Las Vegas in 1993 because my wife took a job on the state at what used to be the Las Vegas Hilton. Eventually I ended up in law school in Los Angeles after my wife’s gig in Las Vegas ended in late 1997. I went to law school at Southwestern University School of Law and graduated in the top 15% of my class. My first child, a boy, was born during my first year of law school and that doubled, at the least, my work load. But, it was worth every second. Either way, after law school the family moved back to the New York area and I passed the bar exam in both New Jersey and New York. I worked in New Jersey for a year for a small firm doing mostly contract work and collections, but the family moved again after 1 year (too cold after 8 years out west) and we went back to Las Vegas in May 2001. Another half year later and I passed the Nevada Bar exam and was a licensed attorney in the State of Nevada.

My career in Las Vegas started with the Christensen Law Firm, where I primarily handled plaintiff’s personal injury cases. In late 2003, for personal reasons I left the firm and started my own practice, the Zernich Law Office. From 2003 until 2017, the Zernich Law Office grew to a small firm of 7 employees and we handled mostly family law cases, but I also kept up with the personal injury cases. During that time of my career, I estimate that the settlements that I got on behalf of my clients total up to about $4,500,000 from the roughly 200 personal injury cases that I handled. During that time, I also represented roughly 2,000 family law clients. My lawyering experience includes litigation and negotiation, motions, arbitrations, settlement conferences and trials. I am confident to handle cases in all areas of both family law and personal injury.

I find being a lawyer very interesting, challenging but fun, sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding. I take my job very serious. Being a lawyer is a profession and I treat it that way. And, other than my family of 5, my work is the most important part of my life. But, I do have a life outside of the courtroom.

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